Planning Board

The Planning Board meets on The Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM

You can also reach the Planning Board by email at [email protected]

Michaeline Mulvey
Chair & Board Member
216 Huff’s Mill Road
(207) 737-8695
[email protected]

Helen Watts
Vice Chair & Board Member
455 Litchfield Road
(207) 522-9366
[email protected]

Lauren LeClerc
Secretary & Board Member
1331 Main Street
(207) 756-9322
[email protected]

Gwen Thomas
Board Member
(207) 666-3615
[email protected]

Thomas Giggey
Board Member
(207) 841-6359
[email protected]

Meet Your Bowdoin Planning Board Members!

Planning Board Minutes

2024 Minutes

Each document is formatted as “pbxxxxxxxx.pdf” which is broken down into the 2-digit month, followed by the 2-digit day, and lastly the 4-digit year. “pb01092024.pdf” means the document is from the Planning Board Meeting on January 09, 2024.

Filename / LinkSize
pb01092024.pdf212.11 Kb
pb01232024.pdf562.92 Kb