Select Board

Meet Your Select Board.

The Select Board meet every Monday at 6:30 PM

You can also reach the Select Board by email at [email protected]

Brad Totten, Chair
(207) 353-6949

Brad is Chair of the Select Board for the Town of Bowdoin.

David Towle
(207) 353-6949

David is a member of the Select Board for the Town of Bowdoin.

Marc Bernier
(207) 353-6949

Mark is a member of the Select Board for the Town of Bowdoin.

Select Board Minutes

2023 Minutes

Each document is formatted as “sbmxxxxxxxx.pdf” which is broken down into the 2-digit month, followed by the 2-digit day, and lastly the 4-digit year. “sbm01092023.pdf” means the document is from the Select Board Meeting on January 09, 2023.

Filename / LinkSize
sbm01092023.pdf99.05 Kb
sbm01162023.pdf74.62 Kb
sbm01242023.pdf109.8 Kb
sbm01302023.pdf104.97 Kb
sbm02062023.pdf94.88 Kb
sbm02132023.pdf61.01 Kb
sbm03062023.pdf28.06 Kb
sbm03132023.pdf28.26 Kb
sbm03202023.pdf38.48 Kb
sbm03272023.pdf40.06 Kb
sbm04032023.pdf55.9 Kb
sbm04102023.pdf54.88 Kb
sbm04172023.pdf42.74 Kb
sbm04242023.pdf51.56 Kb
sbm05012023.pdf46.74 Kb
sbm05152023.pdf39.03 Kb
sbm05222023.pdf61.8 Kb
sbm06052023.pdf66.18 Kb
sbm06122023.pdf49.22 Kb
sbm06262023.pdf67.11 Kb
sbm07102023.pdf71.9 Kb
sbm07172023.pdf51.08 Kb
sbm07242023.pdf47.03 Kb
sbm07312023.pdf46.67 Kb
sbm08072023.pdf52.56 Kb
sbm08142023.pdf47.82 Kb
sbm08212023.pdf54.85 Kb
sbm08282023.pdf34.11 Kb
sbm09182023.pdf46.28 Kb
sbm09252023.pdf37.67 Kb
sbm10022023.pdf41.29 Kb
sbm10162023.pdf46.46 Kb
sbm10232023.pdf44.71 Kb
sbm10302023.pdf31.97 Kb
sbm11062023.pdf29.45 Kb