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Select Board Minutes Archive 2018

Below is a list of all Select Boards Minutes for the year 2018. Each document is formatted as “smxxxxxx.pdf” which is broken down into the 2-digit month, followed by the 2-digit day, and lastly the 2-digit year. “sm010818.pdf” means the document is from the Select Board Meeting on January 08, 2018.

Filename / LinkSize
sm010818.pdf48.08 Kb
sm012218.pdf39.29 Kb
sm012918.pdf31.95 Kb
sm020518.pdf33.16 Kb
sm021218.pdf29.93 Kb
sm022618.pdf51.2 Kb
sm030518.pdf50.77 Kb
sm031218.pdf41.7 Kb
sm031918.pdf73.35 Kb
sm032618.pdf41.91 Kb
sm040218.pdf41.83 Kb
sm040918.pdf29.83 Kb
sm041618.pdf27.56 Kb
sm043018.pdf35.8 Kb
sm050718.pdf41.06 Kb
sm051418.pdf40.18 Kb
sm052118.pdf40.02 Kb
sm060418.pdf42.42 Kb
sm061118.pdf65.56 Kb
sm061818.pdf42.62 Kb
sm062518.pdf34.01 Kb
sm070218.pdf35 Kb
sm070918.pdf46.52 Kb
sm071618.pdf88.91 Kb
sm072318.pdf57.35 Kb
sm073018.pdf35.7 Kb
sm080618.pdf57.23 Kb
sm081318.pdf40.4 Kb
sm082018.pdf56.35 Kb
sm091018.pdf58.12 Kb
sm091718.pdf56.26 Kb
sm100118.pdf28.1 Kb
sm101518.pdf68.55 Kb
sm102218.pdf43.97 Kb
sm102918.pdf43.95 Kb
sm110518.pdf35.62 Kb
sm111918.pdf57.54 Kb
sm112618.pdf38.22 Kb
sm120318.pdf46.03 Kb
sm121018.pdf40.06 Kb
sm121718.pdf33.4 Kb